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Creating fun, food-related opportunities for FIU students of all majors to connect and share nutrition knowledge.


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Alejandra Sepúlveda

Hello! I’m Alejandra Sepúlveda. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I’m completing my junior year in the DPD program. I have always been eager to learn from other cultures and understand the similarities, differences and the history, thankfully a pathway for me to begin learning has always been reading, traveling and immigrating from DR to the states. My love for nutrition arose from that cultural shock when I arrived here and how my body and mood started changing when my diet shifted from traditional Dominican/Caribbean food that I grew up with to more American meals (mostly unknown to me). This sudden change made me eager to learn more about the science of food  and how it is correlated to our culture, livelihood , our cultural foods, traditions and where we are from. Some organizations that I am part of such as Project Sunshine as well as being an E-Board member of Students Feeding Miami and the current injustices that are more visible everyday had sparked in me an interest for Public Health specifically for policy making and health promotion/disease intervention in our BIPOC community. I share and learn about these topics from many amazing RD2BEs of diverse backgrounds that I’m forever thankful to be sharing this path with them as well as some awesome dietetic professionals of color and other diverse backgrounds that I admire dearly. My biggest dream is to be able to directly address concerning health issues with the BICOP communities from the root and do it while having a more diversified healthcare field in all levels of it 🤎.I share all these interesting topics as well as a mix of workout and recipes in my blog @globerotterfoodie 💓 


Fun facts: 🤍I was fully vegan for 3.5 years and just recently began a more flexible plant-based diet including more of my cultural foods. 🤍I love soccer with all my heart ⚽️🤍I am the biggest dog lover you will ever meet🐾

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