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For more information contact us via email ( or through the contact form.

On-campus (virtual)

Grocery Store Virtual Tours and Instagram Takeovers

Every semester the SDA hosts grocery store tours in which volunteers share tips and useful nutrition information for those interested in making wiser decisions at the supermarket. Due to the current circumstances, our grocery tours are now virtual! Watch our first grocery store tour video on YouTube and stay tuned for an opportunity to volunteer!

Let's Talk Nutrition


Let’s Talk Nutrition (LTN) is a student led initiative aimed at bringing Florida International University’s very own nutrition majors to the rest of campus. Nutrition majors are partnered with on-campus organizations, such as Residential Life, to give presentations to FIU students.

LTN presenters work with the host organization to present topics that are both engaging and educational. The Nutrition volunteers are given free reign in how they wish to present to their audience and walk away with valuable experience in community nutrition, nutrition education, and public speaking & engagement.


To learn more and get involved, contact Nicholas Snow:

Text: 860-214-0275


SDA Newsletter

We want to hear from you! Contribute to our monthly newsletters and discuss nutrition topics of your choice. This is a great opportunity to earn member points! For more information contact or


Jillian Navia​, RD, Founder of The Root Cause Method


If you are a nutrition student that is looking to gain experience in a private practice setting, this position may be for you.

The Root Cause Method is a Functional Nutrition private practice, getting ready to make a big difference in the lives of many.

I am seeking a self-motivated and reliable volunteer that is ready to roll their sleeves up and get busy. Attention to detail and creativity is strongly desired and you must possess basic nutrition knowledge. You must be able to properly cite resources and be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Canva and standard social media outlets. We are seeking someone that is comfortable creating content for social media, template design and organization. 


The main responsibilities of this position include tasks such as:

- create shopping lists at various grocery stores

- assemble additional resources for clients

- create basic templates for documents

- organize social media calendar

- assist in social media content creation and more


In exchange for your time, you will gain firsthand experience in building a nutrition-focused private practice with an RD. You will get a chance to see both the business and entrepreneurial side as well as what goes into creating a successful nutrition practice.


Please apply ONLY if you have both a passion for nutrition and social media experience and send all applications to

affiliated organizations

Baptist Health South Florida 


  • Currently offering virtual teaching/sessions and keyword search “virtual” to see each week’s virtual class offerings on various health topics, nutrition, emotional wellbeing, and exercise.   

All Access Dietetics


  • Sign up for their newsletter here for webinar invitations, free resources every week and exclusive experience opportunities.

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