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Our 2023-2024 Eboard Members

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Title: Secretary


Hi my name is Catherine Espaillat :) I am a Sophomore at Florida International University 

majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. I am president of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and treasurer of the FIU Women's Club Volleyball team. 

I love helping, making people smile and entertaining: act, sing and dance. I have been playing sports from a very young age which has allowed me to grow in becoming a responsible, disciplined person. I always try my best to apply these qualities to everything I do. 


I want to apply for this position because I love what SDA does and I want to be a part of that and continue to grow and encourage people to be involved, including myself. I want to be in the circle of knowing what is going on, provide ideas and bring others along to continue learning and forming connections. I believe I will be on top of counting points, timing meetings, and being responsible for my part in the board.


Thank you,

 Cat Espaillat 

Title: Historian


Hello everyone !! My name is Gabriela Cabrales. I am currently a senior majoring in Nutritional Science pursuing a Didactic track, with a minor in Psychology. I am very excited to not only grow through experience but build a welcoming community on all things Nutrition! 

Fun facts about me include: working as a Nutrition Attendant for the FIU athletic department and having the opportunity to be an Intern for the University of Miami Olympic Sports team. I have been apart of this organization since 2020 and now as a current E-board member since 2022!
I can’t wait too see how this club flourishes and too see each and everyone one of us put a grain of salt helping enhance Nutrition Education in our college community!

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Title: President


My name is Yihao Chin but my friends call me Yi. I’m a senior in dietetics and nutrition and I’m also an international student from Malaysia. I aspire to become a dietitian as I want to help humans understand the importance of nutrition to their body. I firmly believe in the phrase let food be your medicine before medicine becomes your food.


That is why I joined SDA as this organization provides countless exposures for both nutrition and non nutrition major, ultimately giving back to the community. Just like Winston Churchill once said we make a living by what we get, but we make a life but what we give.

Title: Co-Newsletter Coordinators

Kate Cardona


Hey my name is Marina Johnson and I currently am a undergrad senior here at FIU studying dietetics. I plan to pursue my masters in dietetics and nutrition to one day become a pediatric registered dietitian. Some experience I've had in the field is being a sport nutrition intern at UM and I currently work for a telehealth company where I respond to stroke calls and help doctors connect online regarding medical projects. I absolutely love food and science so this major felt like the perfect fit. In addition, the things you learn in this major will positively follow you throughout your whole life. Some fun facts about my self is I am Asian American and love music festivals, going to the gym, eating foods from all over the world, and travelling.

I wanted to be a newsletter coordinator because I wanted to continue to grow this club especially after covid. Also I find networking with more of my peers in this major will be beneficial for me to have because I can ask for their expertise or recommend them to a client.:) I find passion in spreading the nutrition love to everyone and wanted to continue that further by being able to co-produce a newsletter. Can't wait for you to read our newsletter!


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Title: Treasurer



Hii!! My name is Iliana Ravelo and I am currently a junior at Florida International University majoring in dietetics and nutrition with a double minor in biology and chemistry. I am a former student-athlete; therefore, I truly understand how poor nutrition affects our body in more ways than we can imagine. Prioritizing healthy foods and an active lifestyle is extremely important to me and I try to influence a healthy and active lifestyle among my family and friends. I love sharing my new healthy recipes and teaching my parents everything I learn in class. 
Additionally, I am on the pre-dental track with hopes of becoming a dentist in the future. I am also on the board of the pre dental society here at FIU where I enjoy working and learning from other pre-dental students. I feel that my major and future goals align perfectly as they are both related to wellness and therfore hope to reach as many people as possible. 
A little fun fact about myself is that I absolutely love meeting new people. I think everyone has a story to tell and a different perspective on life!! I am looking forward to meeting you all and having a great fall semester!

Title: Public Relations Chair

My name is Laura Stern, I am the Public Relations Chair of 2023-2024. I am a senior Nutrition and Dietetics student in the DPD track in hopes of becoming a registered dietitian. I decided to study nutrition because ever since I was little I’ve had a passion for cooking, food, and science. I’ve always wanted to dedicate my career to helping others, and nutrition is an amazing way to do that!


I have been a member of the SDA since my freshman year and I’ve always wanted to see how I could contribute to the growth of the club, therefore I applied to become the public relations chair and become an e-board member! In addition to the SDA I am also an intern at the sports nutrition program here at FIU and I am a certified yoga instructor. I can’t wait for this year to come and to meet all of you soon!

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Title: Vice President

My name is Starr Batts and I'm a senior in the Dietetics and nutrition DPD track. I have been a member of SDA for three years and desperately wanted to make a difference in the club so I ran for vice president. My mission is to make SDA fun and interactive for all members and more inclusive of all majors! 

I am originally from Alabama but came to FIU for my undergrad in 2020. I chose Dietetics because it encompassed my skills and passions around food and science perfectly. I began working as an eating disorder recovery coach for the Oliver Pyatt center of Miami about 2 years ago and now I work as a per diem Monte Nido Recovery Coach between two facilities, I am a Monte Nido Recovery Coach trainer, and work in an admin position! During my second year of my undergrad I also got the opportunity to participate in the RD mentorship program where I was paired with a diabetes dietitian. My work with her was awesome and I even have articles published through her website! Through all of this I've learned and now educate people about intuitive eating and also learned where my interests in Dietetics lie. I plan on going into my PhD once I graduate here this spring.
Some fun facts about me is that I have been doing pageantry since I was 16 and modeling competitions since I was 17 and I have epilepsy!

Title: Grocery Store Coordinator

My name is Javiera Navarro and I am a senior in the Dietetics Didactic Program at FIU. I transferred to FIU in Summer 2022. I have an AA degree in Dietetics, currently obtaining my BS in Dietetics, and going for my master’s very soon! I chose this major because nutrition is an interesting field that explores science, food, psychology, research, and more. Nutrition can help so many people across the world and offer so many opportunities in many fields.


My position as Grocery Store Tour Coordinator allows me to offer nutrition education through evidence-based research. I believe this position will help me expand my knowledge, serve as experience for my career, and offer networking skills and opportunities. My job as Grocery Store Tour Coordinator is to provide SDA members evidence-based nutrition information, plan and manage grocery tours and its coordinated topics, and more! 

A little more about me: I was born and raised in Miami, I am Chilean-American, and I have been vegan for 6 years. I enjoy reading, traveling, and cooking/baking because I love creating new recipes, discovering new foods, and veganizing recipes. 
I am excited to share with you all the fun planned tours!


Title: RSO Representative


Hey name is Monique Lima. I was born raised in Brazil. I am majoring in Finance. I am currently a Sophomore.
I joined SDA because I know how nutrition important because it affects our daily lives in ways that many cannot imagine. I want to use SDA to spread awareness at FIU on healthier eating habits.

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